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FoxPro Grid

Understanding the Visual FoxPro grid control

The grid is the most powerful of FoxPro's native controls, but it can also be the most confusing to work with. This tutorial will explain the issues and show you how to get started.

Conditional formatting in a Visual FoxPro grid

How to apply formatting to some of the cells or rows in a VFP grid but not to others.

Trouble-shooting a Visual FoxPro application

If you're having problems with a VFP application, these solutions might just be what you need.

Working with large text files in Visual FoxPro

How to use the FileSystemObject to read and write files larger than 2 GB.

HOW DO I ... ?

Calculate the Nth day of the month

A Visual FoxPro function for determining the Nth occurrence of a given weekday in a given month.

Extract BMPs from Visual FoxPro executables

Use this simple function to recover lost bitmaps from FoxPro APP and EXE files.

Make a listbox read-only

Although the listbox control has no ReadOnly property, you can still achieve the desired effect.

Determine the drive types on a user's system

An easy way to enumerate the different types of disk drives installed on an end-user's computer.

Convert a Unix timestamp to a VFP datetime

Converting between Unix and VFP datetime formats is surprisingly easy.

Convert between twips and pixels

A pair of VFP functions to convert from twips to pixels and back again.

Programmatically find the size of an image

Need to determine a picture's height and width in pixels? It's easier than you might think.

Find the height and width of a text string in pixels

Two simple methods for finding the dimensions of a given piece of text.

Handle a 'File already exists' error during a build

If you see this unhelpful message while you're building your VFP application, here's how to deal with it.

Use a timeout parameter with a message box

Applying a timeout to VFP's MESSAGEBOX() function could cause more problems than it's worth.

Find the paths to Windows' special folders

A Visual FoxPro function for locating all those directories that have a special meaning in Windows.

Find the .NET Framework folder

How to programmatically locate the latest version of the .NET Framework directory.

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